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Conference registration fees are: For international delegates: 100 euros. For Armenian delegates: If you pay by bank transfer until 30.10.2023: AMD 13,000 After the specified date, it is possible to pay only on the spot - AMD 15,000 For members of the Armenian Association of Gastroenterologists*: AMD 7,000 * If you paid the membership fee by bank transfer before 30.10.2023, otherwise the fee set for non-members applies. Free for clinical residents

About Us

The Armenian Association of Gastroenterologists was established in 2012, bringing together gastroenterologists and doctors from various specialties interested in gastroenterology. The current president of the association is Manik Gemilyan, who serves as a consultant in the Department of Gastroenterology of the RA Ministry of Health. The association has approximately 70 members.

One of the primary objectives of the association is to support the advancement of Armenian medical science. This includes support for medical, educational, and scientific research in the field of gastroenterology, as well as the development and reform of clinical practices. The association also promotes the collaboration and implementation of joint programs by Armenian doctor-scientists. Additionally, it publishes information on medical news, technical advancements in medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals. The association has established a website and a scientific periodical for disseminating professional information and knowledge. It also organizes conferences, practical classes, lectures, seminar-discussions, meetings, and other events to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration….

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